"It's important to remember that real estate, almost more than any other business, is highly personalized.  The results you get will depend mostly on the one person with whom you deal." 
Robert Irwin, nationally recognized real estate author.

The real estate agent you choose does make a difference.

The difference between a profitable, smooth transaction and a miserable nightmare is often a fine line.  The majority of buying and selling nightmares are caused by the lack of knowledge.  Take the guesswork out of buying or selling your property.  Learn how my 40 years of hands-on real estate experience saves you money, time, and aggravation.  I live and breathe the real estate market and most likely have sold or listed a property near you. 

Whether you require expertise in the complexities of the buying or selling process, I invite you to contact me today!

It's taken years to grow.  Why gamble your nest egg with inexperience?

Rick Scott photo
Rick Scott

“We have bought and sold a number of houses over the last 30 years and worked with a variety of real estate agents. Rick Scott is far and beyond the best person we have worked with over those 30 years. He stayed in touch during a period when we were just looking at houses and trying to decide to move back to the area. Once we selected a house, he took care of every detail, and anticipated issues that might come up in the future. Since we were moving from Florida, he took care of a number of issues that the buyer would normally have to deal with. He has stayed in touch since the closing to see if things were going well. I can’t imagine that you have a more professional and dedicated individual in your agency than Rick Scott.”

Terry and Debbie B